Below are currently active policies as voted on and approved by the board. These policies are subject to change at the discretion and will of the board. This section will be updated with in 72 hours of any approved votes that reflect change to these policies.


SoroSuub Conglomerate takes no stance official or other wise in the affairs of other nations, companies, or entities. With the exception of a trading black list as maintained solely by SoroSuub against those who have personally wronged the Conglomerate.


SoroSuub Claims the following sectors and systems as sovereign territory; establishing a permanent presence of any kind with in these borders will be considered a hostile act. This includes but not limited to; loitering of fleets (especially of military nature), stations of any kind, and any activities with the intent to usurp sovereign control of the system or sector.

  • Homon Sector
    • Homon System

Force Sensitivity

The SoroSuub Conglomerate has no bias against or for those who are force sensitive. We permit members to both use and pursue this in their own time. We furthermore have no restrictions regarding force based items and equipment. Force testing can be offered to members in good standing with at least 30 days of active service upon request.

SoroSuub dose however consider crimes committed using the force to be especially heinous and will incur maximum penalties based on the criminal code.

Banned Substances & Items

The following is a list of substances and items considered banned within any SoroSuub space, ships, stations, and any other owned asset or facility. Those found in possession with will be subject to prosecution under the SoroSuub criminal code. Additionally any one caught moving or possessing large quantities of any of the listed items can face additional charges.

  • Drugs
    • Ryll
    • Spice
    • Death Sticks
    • Any other substances whose only function is to elicit an addictive and / or detrimental effect.
  • Poisons of any kind
  • Explosives of any kind
    • With exception to authorized SoroSuub personal, and authorized traders.
  • Slave Collars
  • Weaponized Cybernetics
  • Fake IDs
  • Electronic Lock Breaker
    • With exception to authorized SoroSuub personal.
  • Military Droids
    • With exception to authorized SoroSuub personal.

Conglomerate Documents

Below are non-classified documents for all citizens and visitors to read and understand.