SoroSuub Resources

“From the void comes life.”

SoroSuub Resources was formed early in year 21 under the name of Deep Void Extractions; with the goal of pioneer the boom industry of asteroid prosecuting and mining. Using the untapped bounty of the deep void to bring new life in to other wise depleted worlds, Deep Void Extractions would build its name. Its secondary role was to serve The Void Confederation and its member systems.

In the year 22 Deep void split from TVC and merged with Starfighter to help with the formation the SoroSuub Conglomerate. Now under a new banner and with new friends and resources at their disposal DVE rebranded SoroSuub Resources. The first priority for SSR was to feed the endless yards of SSC. Second they would provide an outlet for other friendly corporations another outlet for acquiring materials.

Recently SSR has also set up the needed equipment to begin processing recycling as an additional service.


All active listings are on DoT. All questions can be addressed on discord.