SoroSuub Corporation

The SoroSuub Corporation was reformed on Day 171 of Year 22 when the board of directors for Starfighter decided that the company had outgrown its former mission as a small scale custom starfighter designer. The company’s new mission is to compete with larger starship producers in the galaxy by capturing a larger market share.

As the former CEO of Sorosuub Corporation under CryoMed, Eira Cardas was able to claim the trademark several months ago as discussions of rebranding and reorienting the corporation’s mission arose. The new SoroSuub Corporation will be focused on delivering competitively priced economic and private military vessels to market in volume.

SoroSuub is a manufacturer of premium, private military vessels such as the Toscan Q-8 and both varieties of Starsabre Starfighters, along with capital ships including the Corona-class Frigate, Raider-class Missile Corvette and Arquitens Light Cruiser. SoroSuub also supports businesses and government agencies through the sale of BFF-1 Bulk Freighters, Mammoth-class Heavy Freighters and Action VIs and more.


All active offerings can be found on CPM. Should you be interested in custom orders or want further info please reach out on discord.