Conglomerate Info


The SoroSuub Conglomerate was founded in galactic standard year 22 by Eira Cardas and Arturia Paorach. Two men with a shared vision of prosperity and security. Since that time the Conglomerate has continued to grow and prosper. With this growth comes opportunity.


The Conglomerate is all ways looking for able bodied beings of any stripe or creed to join its ranks. There are also some unique perks to employment with in the Conglomerate. Such as ability to pick which member faction you want to work with and can easily float between them. So if you want to learn mining you can join a mining faction; but get there and find out its not for you no problem just transfer to any other member faction. All Conglomerate members factions function as one big faction. This means shared ranks, policies, and employment.


After 30 days of employment, you’ll also receive:

  • Ability work for any member faction
    • Mining
      • Prospecting
      • Mine Management
      • Asteroid Mining
    • Production
    • Recycling
    • Sales
    • Bounty Hunting
    • Military
      • Navy
      • Marines
  • Employee Discount on finished goods
  • Ability to pursue ones own goals
  • Opportunities for advancement


While any faction my apply to join the Conglomerate at any time, preference is given to small factions of the non government type. Any one seeking to join need only join the discord server and speak to any member of the leadership about joining. The sitting board will discuss your request and vote, a simple majority is need to get approval.

All member factions enjoy an alliance that includes mutual defense, intelligence sharing; as well as industrial support.